About The Project “Inclusive Swimming Competition- Beyond Handicaps” (ISC-Beyond Handicaps) is an Erasmus+ Sports Project, co-funded by the European Union, with the partnership of Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria and Greece.
Goals and aims to of the project The project begins with engaging families by supporting their children through swimming activities and enhancing awareness and knowledge about opportunities. It involves sports clubs and NGOs by training coaches and offering sports courses and activities for both disabled and non-disabled children. It engages society (local communities) by attracting local interest and stakeholders by encouraging the organization of events. Ultimately, the aim is to creat a significant synergy to organize an EU joint event for disabled and non-disabled children.

The project aims to:

The project goals to:

Project Activities are:

Developing the Inclusive Sport Competition Program.


Training swimming coaches on the newly developed program.


Implementing the program with physically disabled and non-disabled children aged 10-14.


Organizing local and international competitions.

The Project Consortium

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